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The Precious Feet are a silent testimony to life in the womb. Keep reading to see how these pins have changed hearts and saved lives...

Testimony submitted by Vincent

"This is a different kind of Precious Feet story. Two years ago, I went to a funderal for a female friend of mine. She had died of cancer. At the funeral I noticed that all of her children and husband were wearing the Precious Feet pin. After seeing it on a number of people, I asked one of her children why all of the family members were wearing this pin. Her son said that the feet were for the baby that his mom had many years ago that was a still born. I was so touched by what they had done for this baby and their mom, that was for sure a part of their family, that I went and got one of the pins and took it to my daughter who had just had a still born baby. I wanted her to know that her baby mattered and that this pin was my way of showing her that I loved her and her baby. Her baby mattered."

Testimony submitted by Melissa

"There is a lot to be said for the smallest and most unembellished items that sometimes make the largest impact, as in the case of the Precious Feet pins. I can remember as far back as my early teens when the pins first became known to me. My older sister by four years found herself pregnant at 19, while she was a struggling college student with a less-than-serious boyfriend, to put it simply. Ultimately, my sister chose to place her child for adoption as she wasn’t ready to parent. She wore the pin every day and I have always admired the strength that I saw form in her as she went through the toughest thing in her life by placing her first born into the care of another. But, with that said, the pin also exemplified how human that child was in her womb, and that today her daughter, although not with her physically, still lives her life in this world and walks on those two precious feet through her journey. I am much older now and currently work for the office of the Right to Life of Northeast Ohio. We all wear our pins daily and with any gift or donation we give the pins as a form of our gratitude. I have found that the Precious Feet pins are a badge of honor that truly unites all of us in the pro-life world. If I see someone wearing one, I automatically know that they understand. Our Executive Director, Denise Leipold, and myself often find ourselves talking about our pins with complete strangers in the line at the grocery store, library, church, and schools. It is a great conversation piece! The pins automatically bring wonderful sentiment to anyone who mentions it or asks about it. We also make it our practice to offer the pin to the individuals who notice it, hoping that they too will wear the badge which honors the sanctity of life and continue to spread our message of love and hope for the unborn. Much appreciation from us goes to the Heritage House for making these Precious Feet pins available!"

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Testimony submitted by Doris

"I bought my first 2 pairs of Precious Feet from Heritage House over 30 years ago when I lived in Show Low, Arizona, about 18 miles from Heritage House headquarters. I gave one of them to my daughter several years later when she miscarried her baby, and was so sad. Since, I have been blessed with 54 grandchildren. I make a meaningful Christmas tree ornament for each of them each Christmas. I moved to Idaho 24 years agao, and was delighted to find out Heritage House was still operating, because I want the ornaments I make and send to each of my grandchildren this year to feature the Precious Feet pin to remind them of how precious each tiny one is each time they trim their trees. Thank you for keeping Heritage House alive."

Testimony submitted by Ellen

"I love these little feet. I had a friend who was pregnant and saw these feet while at the 4H fair. They had them for sale at the Right to Life booth. She saw these, bought a pair, and decided on life that very day for her son. What a powerful tool to show moms!"

Testimony submitted by Judy

"As school was close to starting, I prepared for a new job in the administration building. I recalled the going away parties at the high school I had been teaching in fondly. The day before I was to start the new job, I got a call and the budget was not approved. I would be returning to the large high school I left in the spring. It was embarrassing having to tell the story of why I was back over and over again, but I was happy to see the students. About the third week of school, a young woman grabbed my lapel as she walked by and asked, "Why do you always wear those little feet?" I responded, "These are the size of a baby's feet in the womb at ten weeks. The baby can already wiggle their toes." That was the end of the conversation and she waltzed out the door to her next class. About 6 months later, I was teaching quadratic equations when the same young woman appeared very upset and loudly asked, "Where are your feet? Where are your feet?" I looked down and I did not have them on; I told her I forgot them. After class I asked the student to stay a moment to see if there was something upsetting her. She responded emphatically, "You have to wear those feet. I am going to have a baby. My parents wanted me to have an abortion and I told them I could not because my baby could already wiggle its toes." I was able to help the young woman keep up with her studies and welcome her little girl into the world. I thank the Lord that I returned to teach in the classroom that year."

Testimony submitted by Tom

"When someone asks me about the pin that I am wearing it gives me a chance to describe what it is. Then, I take it off and give it to the person along with the little information card that I keep in my wallet."

Testimony submitted by Kristin

"I order these every year to give out to my church congregation in honor of Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. They are great quality and the info shared inside the pamphlet is very informative. I send one to any friends that announce their pregnancy inside a congratulations card & they are always well received. Last year, about 7 months after giving the pins out on SOHL Sunday at my church, a member of our church approached me with a baby carrier with a new baby inside. The woman said, "This is the newborn daughter of my teenage niece. The tiny feet pin you gave out on SOHL Sunday many months ago saved this baby's life. I got the pin from you on Sunday," she said, "and my teenage niece discovered she was pregnant that Tuesday & was unsure if she would keep it. I remembered the pin you had given me, so I gave it to my niece & then referred her to the crisis pregnancy center that was discussed on SOHL Sunday. My niece chose life for her baby because of this pin." Boy was I blessed to hear that story!! God is good!"

Testimony submitted by Kelly

"We distribute these to 7th graders and high schoolers (co-ed) after talking about baby development and abortion. They absolutely love them and often ask, "Can I have one for my friend?" Highly recommended."

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Testimony submitted by Adam

"I give these away to all the waitresses at my local restaurants. Most of the girls are teenagers. I haven't had anyone refuse them yet, and I even had one girl come back to me and ask for a replacement because she lost hers, and she found out she was pregnant, and the baby's father wanted her to abort. She wanted to show him the pin and the card to try to change his thinking, but either way, she had already decided to keep her baby. She had the baby - it's a girl!"



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